AVI-IO - Download page

This page lets you download a trial version of avi-io. This version is a full working version of avi-io. It's limited to 3 files which will allow you to capture into three files in one step and playback only three files in one step. By setting the file size to 4GB this allows you to capture and playback up to 12GB of video in one step, or if you prefer to set the file size to 2GB the total amount of video you can capture/playback in one step is 6GB.

Note however, that since the full version supports captures and playback with 100 files in one step the maximum amount of video the full version can process in one step is 400GB or 18 hours whichever comes first.

The trial version you download will stop working after some months. However, you can always download it again and it will work for another at least one month long periode.

Download year 2018 trial version C 03.24 of AVI-IO

DV board users please read this

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