AVI-IO - The "Timer Details" dialog

This page describes the "Timer Settings" dialog of avi-io.

The timer details dialog let you configure a time event.


If the checkbox is in it's checked state, the timer is meant to be on a weekday or "today" which means every day.


In case the event have to be on a defined date you can enter it here in the mm.dd.yy format.


Enter here the starting time in hh:mm:ss 24 hour format.


Enter here the recording duration in hh:mm:ss format.


In case you have defined stations, you can choose the station to which AVI-IO should tune before the capture is to be started. Note, that in order to tune to stations you need a capture device which is supported for this funcitonality under AVI-IO. This is likely to be the case with all Brooktree based TV tuner boards, or in other words with all devices which support the "Intercast" (r) technology. Also note that in case you have a different device active, you can still set the station, but doing so wan't have any influence.

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